We partner with Level3 to provide our customers with the ultimate in network performance and stability. Our Austin Internet Data Center (IDC) is a fully-staffed, technologically advanced center offering 20,000 sq. feet of raised floor space, redundant power, redundant carrier-neutral network services, early warning fire detection systems, extremely high levels of physical and network security, and consistent environmental controls. We built this center with a Cisco Powered Mesh Internet Platform and it has been engineered to avoid any single point of failure in our connectivity, power, or HVAC, allowing us to offer our clients reliable network uptime.

Space and Power

Level3-Austin assigns space in the data center either by individual cabinet or by a suite configuration. We work with each customer to determine the most efficient way to utilize floor space. Level3-Austin provides access to a power infrastructure that includes redundancy in its internal systems such that clean power can be continuously available 100% of the time.

Floor Type

Level3-Austin has 24″ raised floors. All cabling is stored beneath the raised floors for maximum organization and cooling. The HVAC units on the raised floor are designed to intake air through the top, and expel cooled air into the plenum beneath the raised floor.

Network Connectivity

All power and network cabling runs under the raised floor and is laid out along different cable runs, to avoid crosstalk and similar problems. All network and power distribution panels, switches, DXCs, etc. are accessible by operations technicians and remain locked at all times. We currently maintain multiple and redundant direct OC-3 (155Mbit/s) links and 2 Gigabit (1000Mbit/s) Ethernet connections. Should any one backbone fail, our system will redirect the traffic to alternative routes. Austin Web Development’s internal network is based on 100% switch-based 100Mbit/s Fast Ethernet using the latest Cisco and HP gears. We have made sure to avoid any single point of failure by having hot swappable backup gears constantly ready.


Our datacenter is staffed with trained and certified experts who operate proactively and quickly respond to our customers needs. With Austin Web Development, you get access to a Network Operations Center (NOC) that is always open.