Austin Web Development offers an effective and affordable solution for hosting your website on the Internet. Our servers are monitored 24/7 at a state-of-the-art Data Center facility. We are on an extremely reliable network with redundant connections to several Tier 1 providers for ultimate speed and reliability!

Most colo’s have their networks deployed so that they have certain “choke points” on the bandwidth. They do this not only to save money in equipment costs, but because these choke points will “even out” the client bandwidth peaks by dropping a few packets causing the end device to slow down (because of the intelligence of modern TCP window implementations). This saves them money because even though the data is still transmitted (i.e. – the # GB xfer – which is often how they bill clients) or even slightly more because of re-transmission – the speed is lower (i.e. – the Mbs – which is how they are charged by their upstream providers). A good example of how they do this is by putting a large number of clients (often with 100M ports) on a switch that has a single 100M uplink to their core router. Obviously the clients must “fight” for this bandwidth. This situation is especially bad for if there are also 10M unmetered servers on the same switch. We never do any of this. We make sure our servers always have their full bandwidth available and that our burst clients have their full burst rate available.

Physical Infrastructure

  • Continuously available power through redundant UPS systems and diesel generators
  • Consistent environmental controls through redundant HVAC systems
  • Raised floors and early warning fire detection systems
  • Closed-circuit television cameras recording all data center activity
  • Multiple security checkpoints to gain access to data center

Our Network

Network Infrastructure

  • Tier 1 ISP backbones to various local loops for redundant OC-3s
  • Cisco-powered Internet mesh platform
  • Local Loop Providers over SONET
  • Hubbed DS-3s for PTP and Frame Relay Connections
  • Dual Ethernet drops to every customer cabinet
  • Multiple security layers to safeguard against unauthorized access